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Learning tool for Pittsburgh School for Blind Children



In this project, my team and I partnered with the Pittsburgh School for the Blind to develop a product that would make learning easier for pre-braille blind children. Pre-braille is a term for students who are partially or entirely visually impaired and have not learned the braille alphabet yet. Typically in this stage children are training their fine motor skills and physical sensitivity to be able to find and interpret braille letterforms. Each student has an individual learning process that the aid develops to build these skills, however this level of personalization creates organization issues for aids that teach many students, and a gap between the activities that a student does with their aid and the activities the child does at home. To help reduce friction and confusion in the learning process, our team set out to create a set of learning tools that bridge the gap between school and home for the student, alleviate organizational issues for aids, and adapt activities so that anyone can lead the child through them.

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